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December 7, 2021
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December 15, 2021

Are you also looking for an easy and fast English studying routine?
Some teachers will tell you that you need to study from morning to night to reach English fluency but this is simply not true.
The way you study is more important than the time you study.
Let me explain!
Active v/s Passive Learning

  1. When you are focused…
  2. When you are thinking critically…
  3. When you are asking questions…
  4. When you are producing the language by speaking or reading…

And if you are simply hearing the language like in the background or listening to the music or some TV programs or any movie in English but you’re not thinking critically about it and taking notes.

You are immersing yourself in a language and you hear it around you but you are not actively learning new words or remembering them.
Have you ever traveled to any country where people only speak English but your English didn’t improve because of this?
You are hearing English all around you but you are not actively learning.

Use a notebook and take it everywhere. Write down relevant vocabulary you come across whenever you are exposed to the language. Whilst you can use an online dictionary to find translations, I recommend writing the words down in a notebook rather than recording them on a device. Studies have demonstrated that when you write rather than a type, your ability to recall information improves significantly. Researchers believe that this is because writing is slower and involves deeper mental processing and tries to immerse yourself with free resources (at the right level).

In terms of format, radio and podcasts are great when you have at least an intermediate level, but TV and films are preferable at the start. This is because the images provide you with a context that helps you understand the language. One thing I specifically recommend is watching international news. News presenters speak very clearly, so you will have a better chance of understanding. Also, due to the international focus, you will already know some of the news stories. The images, combined with the clear speech and your background knowledge, will help you follow along and pick up new words – even if your level is very basic.

The good thing about radio and podcasts is that you can listen whilst commuting or doing other things. If you’re a beginner, you can listen to podcasts where they speak extra slowly and include transcripts,

So here in TITANIUM, we create your active learning study routine that helps you to improve your English fluency.

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