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About Titanium Education

Titanium Education came into being on 2 Feb in the year2009 the institute has been rendering valuable services to learners and the society at large since then.

Its dreamer and founder Sh. Mukesh Janwa has led the institute in developing English language not as a subject but as a formidable mode of expression, conversation personality evolution the titanium education of English pvt.ltd. has virtually redefined the teaching of spoken English in Udaipur and soothe Rajasthan with their unique “class-room-portrayal” based on “read-revise-speak” mechanism.

The central theme as well as focus of the director and the institute is to drag thought from mind to tongue This ‘mind to tongue concept entails vigorous’ spoken sessions with less complex grammar the teaching method engages not a only learner but teachers as well thus the class because truly interactive and conversational.

This simple but well conceived methodology has been successfully applied with both beginners and advanced learners at titanium.

Your Knowledge Is the Way to Your Success

Call : +91 92144 30531 or E-mail : mukeshtitanium@gmail.com

Salient features of   Titanium Education

  • Lifetime Student Membership
  • In-house R&D Division
  • Trained Faculty from TITANIUM In-house Training Center
  • Practical and effective Training Methodology
  • Modular Courses to Maximize Success
  • Facilitation Division Specially created
  • Two new batches every month
  • 4 Induction Sessions (Personality Development) included
  • Fun Club & Practice Club
  • Test Prior to Admission
  • Two Revision Days
  • Graduation Day
  • Academy For complete Self Development not only for Spoken English
  • Ability to train students from ABC to Fluency level
  • Certificates to successful candidates
  • Regular evaluation of students / feedback forms
  • Caters to all Age-groups
  • Scientific training techniques
  • Service call to students
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