Are you an Active or Passive Learner?
December 9, 2021

You can do a lot of things to immerse yourself in English throughout your day to make English part of your life and this does help you but doing tasks involving English is just an indirect method to learn English.
We need to create an active learning experience for at least 15 minutes a day to improve your English skills.
Here we are talking about a daily study routine of 15 minutes a day because daily habits are very important.

Our habits create who we are not individual actions, think about what you do every day like :
Do you exercise or not?
The food you eat or don’t eat.
The people to whom you talk every day make your life what it is?
Brushing your teeth is a daily habit. Similarly, studying English for 15 minutes every day is more effective than studying for 5 hours once a month.
What if you brush your teeth 5 hours once a month I don’t think that would be very healthy.
Similarly, think of English as a daily habit for the health of your English.

A habit is usually made up of three components: a nod, a habit, and an award

The nod sets the behavior into action. For language learning, I recommend simply setting daily reminders in your calendar or alarm. The routine is the actual behavior that you perform in response to the prompt or nod. When you start, make the routines easy – things like opening our language app or YouTube channel or revising 5 words from your last lesson. These routines may sound insufficient, but because they are so easy you will be making it almost impossible to fail, and you will find that you end up wanting to do more than your initial task. Lastly, award yourself in some way as positive boosting will increase your chances of success. This could mean treating yourself to something, but for many people just noticing their progress is enough of an award to boost the habit.

I know this all sounds good – but you would be like I just don’t have the time. The reality is you only need 15 minutes a day to make progress, and surely you have that!
Consider your daily commute for example – thanks to technology, you can spend this time revising vocabulary or listening to English podcasts. So stop making excuses and start building those daily habits.

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