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December 25, 2018
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March 5, 2021

This blog is all about telling you why you must stop translating everything in ENGLISH from your NATIVE LANGUAGE in your mind or your noggin and start thinking only in ENGLISH
Yes, it is possible.
Believe us, No matter what level you are at right now “IT IS POSSIBLE TO THINK IN

May be till now you have come up with the question –
“What’s the problem with translating everything into my native language before I come up with an answer in English?”
Well, If you are in a conversation where you need to process information quickly and be able to respond rapidly in an appropriate time, then you don’t have time to translate, even if you are
very good in English.

It will still take time to process the information that you are getting in English and then
translating it into your language, after that think in your native language deciding what I am going to say, and then translate that back into English.
Isn’t it a lot of work for your brain?
So if you are in a meeting or any presentation and you want to ask a question you need the
ability to THINK IN ENGLISH.

If you are translating in your head, then you know that it is the most frustrating way to speak in English. But there are concrete things that you can do and practice to stop translating.
Take a moment to look around you and name all the objects you see in English with correct
pronunciation and for this, you can check the pronunciation on the internet as well. If there are words you don’t know, look them up and learn them. The context will help you to remember them.

Another way is you can start with simple sentences. For example, complete the below sentence with your
feelings: I am ____________. ( you can use Hungry, Working, Busy, Learning or Reading, etc.)
Now again look around, you can check for the things which are there and try using English
The chair is comfy.
The desk is messy.

If there is something you can’t describe, look up the word in the dictionary and learn that.
Make sure you use English dictionaries rather than translating dictionaries. That will
prepare your mind to work in English mode rather than translation mode.
Just to let you know and for your practice TITANIUM provides a Presentation session where
initially you will speak with the accent of your native language with some of the best mentors.
You will come to know what’s the difference when you Think and Speak in English

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